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Welcome to Major League Activation, where we specialize in helping people improve their range of motion and reduce compensation patterns using the latest techniques and technology.

As the only person in the United States certified in the Athlete's version of Muscle Activation Technique, and with over 19 years of professional baseball experience, I bring a unique perspective to mobility and injury prevention. I combine Muscle Activation Technique with the Neubie, a cutting-edge electrical stimulation device, to help my clients move better and feel better.

Whether you're middle-aged looking to improve your mobility after failed traditional physical therapy, or a baseball/softball player looking to improve your skills on the field, our approach can help you achieve your goals. Our customized approach is tailored to each client's individual needs, ensuring that you get the personalized attention you deserve.

Don't let pain or compensation patterns hold you back from living your best life. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you move better and feel better with our unique approach to mobility and injury prevention.

Thank you for considering Major League Activation. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals! 

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P.S. You do not need to be a professional athlete to be treated like one!



Don't trust me? Check out what Kyle Seager, Third Baseman for the Seattle Mariners had to say! (Click Here)
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Calling all overhead athletes!

How would you like to have a Major League Athletic Trainer create and monitor your arm care routine? 

Now introducing the "Total Arm Care Program!"  This program blends in-clinic hands-on sessions that focus on strength and mobility with the ArmCare app that creates personalized routines based on objective evidence that can be completed while at the field.

No longer will you need to do the same routine day in and day out not ever knowing if you are working on the areas necessary for you to succeed!

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Major League Activation's Matt Toth selected to be the Medical Advisor for MLB's first Draft Combine


Don't need rehab but looking for Performance Enhancement?

Have you paid for or taken lessons that just don’t work?  Your instructor says do it this way and you physically can’t do it?  It’s not your fault!  Your neuromuscular system just doesn’t know any different.  That is my job it to re-teach your body to move in the way it was intended.  On the flip side it is part of my job to contact your instructor (if you give me permission) to find out what he/she is trying to get you to do.  Remember I have worked in baseball for 19+ years as well as specifically learned the ins and outs of a golf swing to help you meet your goals!

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Do you need Rehab?

Have you gone to physical therapy for 6 weeks with no improvement?  Stretch, strengthen and repeat?  That is the old paradigm. If you have a loss of range of motion then more than likely you have a weakness in the opposite muscle group.  I KNOW! This is a true paradigm shift but it’s true.  The only way we can tell is for you to come in for an evaluation.




“I have known Matt for over 10 years now. He has helped me at every level in professional baseball. As my athletic trainer in the Major Leagues he helped me prepare my body on a daily basis with his unique skill set. Matt also excels at making the mind-body connection. I just tell him this is how I need my body to move for my desired swing and he is able to activate the necessary muscled so I can perform at my best.

I trust Matt and I highly recommend him to anyone that wants to move and perform better.”

Kyle Seager-Third Baseman for the Seattle Mariners


"Hello Everyone, this is Rick Griffin, I was the Head Athletic Trainer for the Seattle Mariners for 35 years and had the pleasure  of supervising and working along side Matt Toth for 14 plus years. He has a tremendous knowledge base in rehabilitation of all sports related injuries and his biggest strength is his ability to develop and prepare return to play programs for athletes who have suffered a repetitive injury or someone returning from a surgical procedure. Matt has excellent hands on skills including the use of Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) which was widely used in our training room to treat shoulder, elbow, back, pelvic and lower extremity issues. Matt really cares about the athletes he treats and goes out of his way to listen to them and make them a part of the healing process which leads to increase trust and faster recovery times and a quicker return to the field of play."
Rick Griffin
Seattle Mariner Athletic Trainer Emeritus

What is Muscle Activation Technique?

According to Greg Roskopf, “Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT)® is a powerful muscular assessment tool that analyzes and corrects muscular imbalances. At MAT we focus on the cause of the imblance by testing, correcting, and maintaining muscle contractile efficiency. We believe that flexibility is a derivative of strength, and that muscle tightness is secondary to muscle weakness.

Our 77 Range of Motion Exams and 214 Muscle Tests help practitioners identify which muscles are not “firing” . Once the cause for the discomfort and impaired mobility is identified, practitioners begin a series of muscle tests in an established process and work to “reactivate” the affected muscles.”

Ready to feel or perform better?

Contact Matt at 541-971-6922 or email at [email protected]

Currently accepting clients at the Athletic Training Institute 12021 Northup Way #102 Bellevue, WA 98005

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