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Matthew Toth MS, ATC, CSCS, CES, PES, MAT-Specialist, TPI-Level 1 certified

My name Is Matt Toth and I have a Master’s degree in Health and Human Performance from Oregon St. University, I am a certified athletic trainer, certified strength and conditioning specialist, certified MAT Specialist, Titleist Performance Institute certified, NASM corrective exercise specialist and performance enhancement specialist, and finally, I have spent the last 19 plus years in professional baseball with 3 different Major League clubs (Chicago Cubs, Milwaukee Brewers, and Seattle Mariners) and for the last 8 years at the Major League level with the Seattle Mariners as the rehab athletic trainer and then the Major League Assistant Athletic Trainer.

What does this all mean for you? This means that I have spent a lot of time learning the most up to date techniques to treat you with the highest quality of care and to take you out of the pain cycle or enhance your performance!

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