Exciting News! Major League Athletic Trainer partners with Arm Care App to bring Major League quality training to the public!

You no longer have to be in the big leagues to be treated like a big leaguer.  For the past 19 years I have worked in professional baseball with the last 8 years in the Major Leagues.  During that time we would monitor our players by assessing their range of motion, strength, and workload to adjust their arm care for that specific day or week.  There was no "cookie-cutter" approach when dealing with a Major Leaguer.  Now, that same approach can be utilized by every overhead athlete on the planet.  The ArmCare app now allows me to monitor my clients remotely and have the ability to adjust their routines based on the input from their strength tests, range of motion, wellness score, and current workload (in-season vs. off-season.)

Total ArmCare Program 

1. MAT Session x 10-This will not only increase the range of motion in your shoulder but add stability so that we can begin adding strength.

2. ArmCare Subscription-12 months. I will utilize my 19+ years of professional baseball experience monitoring and adjusting your routines even though I may not see you in the clinic.

3. Access to a "members-only" FB Group, allowing you to ask Matt questions just about anything baseball (Training, performance equipment, how to treat a blister, etc.)

4. One set of Valor Fitness Bands for your shoulder work.

5. One Fit Simplify resistance band for your hip strengthening.

6.. Access to a "members-only" video library with all the exercises I used while in professional baseball to help Cy Young award winners, pitchers who have thrown perfect games, and many more. (Coming Soon!)

You literally get access to a Major League Athletic trainer for a year with this program!


Contact Matt @ 541-971-6992 or at [email protected]  to set up a $37 shoulder/elbow assessment.


**You must purchase the Arm Care strength tester, range of motion chart, and utilize an ios device.



Use the code MLACTIVATION at checkout at www.armcare.com and get 10% off!!


Please note that in order to work with Matt and receive the above benefits you must sign up with Matt and not on the Armcare website.  The code above should be used for the strength tester, range of motion chart, and any bands you may need.  



Ready to feel or perform better?

Contact Matt at 541-971-6922 or at [email protected]

Currently accepting new clients at the Athletic Training Institute. Located at 12021 Northup Way #102 Bellevue, WA 98005